28 April 2014

BLOG TOUR + REVIEW: Without You by Julie Prestsater

Title: Without You
Author: Julie Prestsater
Genre: NA/adult contemporary romance
Publication: February 14th, 2014
When two people connect, they can make beautiful music together. But what happens when music is the thing that tears them apart?

Evan James had it all. Drop-dead sexy, brilliantly talented musician, a skyrocketing career and his high school sweetheart by his side. When he’s offered a golden opportunity to go on tour, he never imagined she wouldn’t go with him. Without her, he found his dream meant nothing. Three years later, bereft and alone, Evan stops at an open mic night and spots someone sitting in the audience, the beautiful face of a woman he’d never forget...Maddy, his one true love.

Madison Grey had only ever loved one man. When Evan broke her heart she had no choice but to move on with her life, start a career of her own, and she even finds a new love. Still, thoughts of Evan were never put to rest. And on one fateful night, she unexpectedly hears him pour his heart out into a new song. A song about broken hearts, lost love, and second chances. A song about her.

With the help of their scheming friends, Maddy and Evan are thrown into each other’s lives once more. While learning to love and trust again, there is only one thing left on both of their minds... Is life better with or without you?

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What a Breath of fresh Air. I just loved Julie's previous series, I couldn't wait into this goodie. When I finished read this gorgeous story I felt warmhearted full of butterflies in my stomach to think that perhaps fate and second chance can be possible for anyone for that one that got away. 

Julie captured a beautiful romantic love story between two long lost friends and couple who were separated due to one's decision to leave and follow their dream. With Evan's departure to grow with his music, the heartbreaking decision for Maddy was to not follow and let him go. 

Throughout the books it returns a few years later when Maddy & Evan cross paths whilst Evan performs on stage. As the story unfolds you feel the undeniable chemistry between these two but also that there was just some unfinished business.

The additional characters were certainly previewed through the story as the instigators of ensuring that their friends reunite. Over time Maddy & Evan rekindle their relationship however can they repair the damage that was broken?  You will just need to read it and see.  

A great length romance novel that I definitely recommend for you all to read. 

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