28 October 2014

REVIEW: No Regrets by Jani Kay

The story continues with Rebecca's story after the devastating ending to the first book of the series Lost In France. I was definitely #TEAMALAIN all the way! 

With Rebecca heartbroken, she decides to take it upon herself to concentrate on her life and career. With Maxwell Grant in the wings waiting to pounce when she is free, Maxwell takes it upon himself to do whatever it takes to get this woman on his side. 

Throughout the story, Jani Kay brings along a romantic love story between two people that have undoubtedly undeniable attraction for one another, but the romance cannot go unscathed with Alain fighting for what he has lost. 

The additional characters certainly with the ex's fighting to keep that once was theirs, different brings a new dynamics to the mix along with a curve ball of no other that changes one persons future! Disappointment and heartache was felt when you feel so bad for a character you understand why decision were made due to influence of family however they now have to suffer the consequences. 

Leaving the story opened for Book #3, it will definitely finish the unpredictable future for all Rebecca, Maxwell and Alain. Cannot wait to see what Jani unravels next. Definitely recommend this series to readers that a romantic love story with curve balls in between. 



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