30 August 2013

500 Like Giveaway Winners! Congratulations

Just wanting to briefly say Thank you for all the amazing support and encouragement since starting my Blog. 

I would like to Thank the following for their kind donations for making this giveaway possible:
* Becca The Bibliophile *Christa Cervone *Felicia Lynn * Raine Miller *Livia Jamerlan
*Cassandra Giovanni * Julie Prestsater *Kylie Scott *Tijan *Kelly Arlia *L.B. Simmons
*Madeline Sheehan *AL Jackson *Braxton Cole *MJ Carnal *Sophia Bleu *Laurelin Paige
*Megan Keith *Katy Evans *Maria DeStafino *Jacelyn Rye *S.E. Hall *Stephanie Witter
*Maya James *A.E. Neal *Chantal Fernando *Monica James * Lola Stark
*Bared Naked Words *Wine Relaxation & MY Kindle *I'll Be Reading *Hook Me Up Book Blog

Signed Paperback Searching For Moore by Julie A. Richman from Becca The Biblophile
Donna James 
Signed Paperback The Secret of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen from Becca The Biblophile
Sandee Love Brad Ough 
Signed Paperback BROKEN, Bookmark & Tattoo by Christa Cervone
Lou Burkhart 
$20 Amazon Giftcard from Bared Nakes Words
Rudee Richards 
$5 Amazon Giftcard from Felicia Lynn
Joely Bogan 
Ebook Naked by Raine Miller
Lea Jerančič 
Ebook of Winners Choice Up to $3.99 from Livia Jamerlan
Diana Doan 
Ebook of Love Exactly with Bookmark & Magnet by Cassandra Giovanni
Kayla Hines 
Ebook of Playing Chase by Julie Prestater
Tammy Sommervold 
Ebook of Lick by Kylie Scott
Cindy Ledesma 
Ebook of Winners Choice of Tijan's Series from Tijan
Shawntelle J Belanger 
ARC Ebook of Perfect Match & Swag by Kelly Arlia
Tonya Albert Schenck 
Set of Ebooks of Running on Empty & Recovery by L/B. Simmons
Vicky Langley Kimble 
Ebook of choice from Jessica Wood or J.S. Cooper from Wine Relaxation & MY Kindle
Angel McGuffey 
Ebook of Choice from Madeline Sheehan Books
Rachel Rachie Hunt 
Eboof of Take This Regret by AL Jackson
Verna Mcqueen 
Ebooks of All Wrapped Up, Blown & Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole
Latisha DePoortere 
Ebook of Taming the Bachelor by MJ Carnal
Christine Bennett 
Ebook of Catchling Liam bvy Sophia Bleu
Tiffany Clark 
Ebook of Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige
Jennifer Maxwell 
Ebook of Finding My Way by Megan Keith
Jean Rose 
Ebook of Real by Katy Evans
Karen Pierce Darby 
Ebook of Be All by Maria De Stafino
 Erica Elizabeth 
Ebook of Surrender to Fate by Jacelyn Rye
Katrina Whittaker 
Ebook of Emerge by S.E. Hall
Angela Ingham 
Ebook of Winners Choice up to Value of $3.99 from I’ll Be Reading
Tanya Y. Childress 
Ebook of Patch Up (TBR Sept 16th) by Stephanie Witter
Lisa Markson 
Ebook of Charity's Warrior by Maya James
Angela Ingham 
Ebook of Charity's Warrior by Maya James
Janina Steves 
ARC Ebook of Tied Up In Heartstrings (Rel Date  20 Sept) by Felicia Lynn
Irene Rosa 
ARC Ebook of Holding On To Love by A.E Neal
Verna Mcqueen 
Ebooks of James & Ryder by Chantal Fernando
Carmen Alejandra Cuba 
Ebook of Relentless by Cassia Leo from Hook Me Up Book Blog
Stacy Masters Smith
Swag Pack from Monica James
Kimberly Sheridan
Tattered Love Swag Pack from Lola Stark
Cyndi Chauvette Oteri


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  3. Congratulations to you both. I have sent you emails to confirm.

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