17 December 2013


Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither’s past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out—move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. A perfect plan.
But what Alayna didn’t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub. He’s smart, rich, and gorgeous—the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her past tendencies in check. Except, Hudson’s fixed his sights on her. He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it. Avoiding him isn’t an option after he offers a business proposition she can’t turn down and she’s drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull.
When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she’s fallen for the worst man she could possibly get involved with. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.


When I first read about this book, it was definitely one of those books that you are dying to read. 

Laurelin certainly didn't disappoint with this story.
We are met with Hudson, the Dominant Alpha Male with a trouble past.
Hudson finds Alayna, the bartender at his new club they he just purchased. When Alayna is propositioned to help Hudson out of sticky family situation, she couldn't resists his handsome charm, good looks and large wealthy that would get her out debt free.
However, as the story unfolds Alayna starts to question, can she only just be in a fake relationship with the added sex? With Alayna's doubts about her feelings for Hudson, her dark demons from the past come back to haunt her. When Hudson states to her that when both are troubled and that they can help each other out, my heart melted.
The storyline it self is full of such self doubt, irresistible attraction, steamy and raunchy romance that will certainly be melting your panties off. lol Just saying but also a romantic connection between 2 trouble people. I have to admit I have a soft spot with characters with troubled pasts lol.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book overall and definitely would recommend to those readers who love the Dominant Alpha Male  in books such as 50 Shades & Crossfire Series. 

I looking forward to what unfolds in Book #2 Found In You. So stay tuned for my review

Favourite Quote: 

"If you want me to ask, I will, though you know it's not my style." He took my silent start as a  "yes" even though it was simply me processing. " May I take you to my bed, Alayna?"


Unable to go another minute with the loneliness that had settled in my chest, honesty won over. “I want you,” I whispered, my face pressed against the glass, too embarrassed to look at him.
“Alayna?” I felt his eyes on me.
“I know what I said.” I wiped my eyes, determined to keep the rest of my tears in my eyes. “But maybe I was wrong. I mean, I don’t know if you’re right—if spending time with you can make me better. But I know that since we’ve been apart, I’ve been worse.” Taking a ragged breath, I braved a look at him. “I miss you.” A nervous giggle escaped from my throat. “Told you I get attached.”
A trace of a smile crossed his lips. “Where do you think I’m taking you?”
I glanced out the window, having not been paying attention to our destination. Lincoln. Headed East. We were blocks away from Pierce Industries. The loft.
I straightened, a blush crawling on my cheeks. “Oh,” I said, the lonely ache inside burning away with the spark of desire. Then irritation took over. “I told you no more sex, and you were taking me to the loft without asking?”
“Alayna,” he sighed with frustration. “You are a bundle of mixed signals. At the symphony you seemed to indicate—“
“And you totally blew me off,” I interrupted. “Don’t talk to me about mixed signals!”
He put his hand on my knee. “I was trying to avoid mixing business with pleasure. A difficult task with you, precious.” His voice grew low. “Especially with your wandering hands and how hot you look in that dress.”
I blinked. “Oh,” I said again. How did he do that? How did he compartmentalize, dividing the pretend from the real, never the two to cross while I tied myself up in knots?
 “If you want me to ask, I will, though you know it’s not my style.” He took my silent stare as a “yes” even though it was simply me processing. “May I take you to my bed, Alayna?”
His request came out in a rumble that had my passion buttons going off like fireworks. “Yes,” I half moaned as he pulled up to a red light.


This Love Will Be Your Downfall – Ellie Goulding
China – Tori Amos
You Give Me Something – James Morrison
The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
Volcano – Damien Rice
Every Breath You Take – Police
Fuck Was I – Jenny Owens Young
White Flag – Dido
Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
Blood Bank – Bon Iver
Heart of Stone – Iko
Scream – Usher
Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars
So Easy – Phillip Phillips
Fix You – Coldplay
Gravity – Sara Bareilles
Die Alone – Ingrid Michaelson
Try – Nelly Furtado
Toxic – Britney Spears
Possession – Sarah McLachlan



Fixed on You (#1): AMAZON US I B&N I iTUNES
Found In You (#2): AMAZON US I B&N I iTUNES
Forever With You (#3): OUT January 2014 - Add to Goodreads


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