19 September 2013

BLOG TOUR, Review & Giveaway: Freeing by E.K. Blair

BOOK GENRES: Coming of Age & New Adult

FREEING: a companion novel to the USA Today bestseller, Fading.

Knowing who you are and accepting who you are come at different prices. 

Jase Kinrick grew up in your typical, all-American household. But after the death of his sister, his parents shut down, forcing him to deal with everything life throws his way alone. Terrified of the person he’s discovering himself to be, Jase has his way with every willing girl to try and rid himself of what he fears he is—gay. 

Escaping California and moving to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, Jase frees himself to the reality that he likes men. Never staying with any guy long enough to get to know them, he doesn’t realize that he’s still hiding from who he is until he meets Mark. Scared of having real feelings for another guy stirs up the questions and fears he’s fought hard to bury. 

To strip away the barriers to the heart of what is real, and to be okay with what lies underneath, will be Jase’s moment of truth. But he’ll need Mark to lead him there.

“I need you to be mad.”
            Taking a step toward me, he asks, “Why?”
            I walk over and sit on the arm of the chair before admitting, “Because I need to feel it. So that I know that you can see this for what it is.”
            “And what’s that?”
            “Imperfect. Unequal.” Dropping my head, I release a deep breath before looking back up at him. “I’m undeserving and selfish. You’re worth so much more than what I’m capable of giving you.”
            He moves to stand in front of me and takes my face in his hands as he questions me intently. “You don’t think you give me what I need? You think I’d stick around if you didn’t fill up pieces inside of me that only you’ve been able to?”
            As he moves his hands to my shoulders, I drop my eyes when I tell him, “My pieces feel stripped bare.” I catch his eyes when I look back up and tell him, “I’m not sure I even have enough of them.”
            “Maybe I have what you’re missing. But if you keep holding back, you’ll never find out. You’ll never know how well we can fit together unless you try.” I grip his shirt in my hands, almost pained by my confessions when he affirms, “I need you to try.”
            “So that’s it?”



After reading Fading, I was looking forward as to what was to come from E.K Blair.

I thought prior to reading this book, I needed to go into this with an open mind as the book was based on the M/M Relationship of Jason & Mark. 
All I can say was how brilliantly captured the story was through the mind of E.K Blair. Words couldn't express the amount I have admired the story. I have numerous friends that are in a same sex relationships and never judged however this story certainly had made me see it from a new light. I now have more respect and appreciation for those brave enough to be who they are no matter what
I'm glad that I took a chance and read it. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it was to read from start to finish. I would recommend for all to get their hands on this powerful and brilliant series as they are very touching and heartwarming novels. Thank you for E.K Blair for bringing these stories into our lives. I know they would take pride place on my bookshelf as one of my favorite series.


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