10 September 2013

BLOG TOUR, Review & Giveaway: Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey

Makenna Lewis cringes at any mention of the word commitment. She doesn’t want or need a relationship, but she does like sex (who doesn't). That explains Noah, Sean, and Zander, her three 'friends with benefits'. They know the score, they know they're not the only one, and each of them provide her with a different physical need that she craves and enjoys. Until a late night encounter with the delicious Daniel Winters turns her preconceived notion of no-commitment completely on its head. Soon she finds herself feeling things she vowed never to feel again, and when Daniel pushes for more than she’s willing to give, she falters. What do you do when something that you’ve known to be so wrong in the past feels so damn right? If you’re Mac, you run and hide. But is Daniel the type of man who takes no for an answer?

Such an amazing and enjoyable book to read by BJ Harvey, her writing was genius but also hilarious throughout.  It had me up til 3am not wanting to put it down kind of book.
 I’m glad that finally Mac saw the light and saw what a beautiful person he really is. The book brought emotional, heart wrenching, life changing and hilarious LOL moments. Just so relieved for Mac and Daniel there was an Epilogue with a HEA ending.

Throughout the book, we are met such a diverse bunch of characters that I connected from the beginning.  We are met with Mac, Kate, Daniel, Noah, Sean & Zander.
I enjoyed the chemistry between Mac and the boys. With Mac having enjoyed playing the field with these 3 men, she meets Daniel “Superman” Winters. From their first glance at each other the chemistry was electric.

Daniel I found is a gentlemen through and through that touches the heartstrings. He is sexual, kind, understanding but also patient. He knew that he needed to give Mac time to accept what their relationship stood for and so glad he stuck around.
"As hard as this is for me to say, don't come back to me until you figure out what you want and who you want it with because I'm getting sick of watching you walk away."

Cannot wait to see Kate’s Story in Book #2 True Bliss. 
“Kate, it’s Mac. I need a ticket home, today,” I spit out, my voice still shaky from spending the last hour crying.
“About freaking time, babe. Pack your stuff, go to the airport, and I’ll see you soon.”
“Yeah, babe?”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, Mac. I’m so glad you’re coming home. Everything is going to be okay.”
I grab whatever I can and stuff it into the two suitcases I have in the closet. I check that I’ve got only what I need, then carry the bags to the front door. I take my key off my key ring and place it on the kitchen counter. I take one last look around the empty room that has been my home for the past six months. Scratch that, I can’t even say it’s been a home. A home is full of love, and warmth, and for the past five months it’s been full of lies, deceit and if I’m going to be honest, fear.
“Goodbye, Beau Gregory,” I whisper as I click the lock and pull the door closed behind me.
Walking away from this life, I make a vow to myself; never again will my life be dictated by a man, and never again will I let love lead me astray.
But as I’ll soon find out not four years later, vows are made to be broken.  


I live in the most beautiful country in the world and was born and raised here. 

I love reading, and having taken the plunge in Dec 2012, I started writing my first novel. 

I love the indie community, authors, bloggers and readers alike and have met so many awesome people that I now call dear friends. 

I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. And its a wide range of music too, I might surprise you. 

I'm also a wife, mother of two gorgeous girls and studying at university to become an accountant of all things.

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